– South China Morning Post

Complete archive of my work at South China Morning Post available here.

Exclusive Stories and Investigations

“Bo Xilai’s son Bo Guagua continues his studies at Columbia University”  

“Residents terrified by falling panes of glass” 

“Censors can’t hide deleted Weibo posts” 

“Treatment of torture claimants in breach of laws and treaties”

“Psychologists say quacks are posing as counsellors”

“Freemasons angered by cash controversy cover-up”  

“Assault trial of freemason in 2012 ‘unusual'” 

“Money still can’t buy my love, says Gigi Chao after tycoon father doubles ‘dowry’ to HK$1b”

Lead reporting on domestic helper abuse case: www.scmp.com/Erwiana 

“Indonesian helper, 23, in critical condition after alleged beatings by Hong Kong employers”

“Indonesian maid Erwiana was ‘prisoner’ in employer’s home, father claims”

“Indonesian president tells of fury over ‘torture maid'”

News Features

“Hong Kong: Boomtown for bitcoin?” 

“The Squalid Truth: Living in a squalid subdivided flat is a miserable experience for SCMP reporter”

“Refugees at their wits’ end without status in Hong Kong”  (Winner of Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents’ Club/Amnesty International/Hong Kong Journalists Association prize for human rights reporting)

“Oiling the wheels of China-Africa trade”

“Lawyer provides advice to China’s LGBT community”

“How HK$500m manhunt led to a new Gigi Chao”

“Caveat on Shanghai experiment”

Magazine Features

“Never the twain shall meet” 

“Weekend getaway to Taiwan’s east coast” 

“Book Review: “China: ‘This Generation’ by Han Han” 

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