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Sinica Podcast: “How can we amplify women’s voices on China?” 

Sinica Podcast: “Joanna Chiu on South China’s illicit wildlife trade” 

Radio Dispatches:

“Authorities attempt to ban China’s #metoo movement” – ABC Radio National

“Hong Kong protests could expand” – NPR

“China’s non-military strategy in the South China Sea” – ABC

US-President-elect Donald Trump attacks China’s monetary policy” – BBC World Service Newsday 

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“Coal giant Peabody files for bankruptcy protection, and stories from China” – BBC World Service Radio Business Matters

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“The Heat: UNGA – Gender equality and women empowerment” – CGTN America

“In China, Trump Talks Trade & North Korea, Ignoring Climate Change & Crackdown on Human Rights” – Democracy Now!


“The Medical Blame Game” – Herizons

“Chinese feminists jailed” – Herizons

“Equality should be the icing on the marriage cake” – Herizons

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“Golden Girls: My Dinner with Jan Wong”  -Ricepaper

“Amid pollution’s haze, stories makes it worth staying in China”  – SupChina

The one and many ways of being Chinese”  – SupChina

“Special feature: China’s 13th five-year plan” – Focus

Book Reviews: 

“Lindsay Wong: Taking on the Woo-Woo” – Herizons

“Crime and the Chinese Dream,” edited by Børge Bakken – LA Review of Books

“This Generation,” by Han Han – South China Morning Post

“Leftover Women,” by Leta Hong Fincher – South China Morning Post

“The Uniqueness of China’s Development Model, by Yip Kwok-wah” – South China Morning Post

“Chinese Comfort Women: Testimonies from Imperial Japan’s Sex Slaves” – Herizons

Social Media:  

“Hundreds Of Pro-Beijing Supporters Attack Pro-Democracy Protesters In Hong Kong” – Buzzfeed

“Hong Kong Government Calls Off Talks With Pro-Democracy Protesters” – Buzzfeed

“China Says You Can No Longer Smoke Cigarettes In Public Spaces In Beijing” – Buzzfeed