As the 2020 U.S. election looms, more Canadians are getting involved than ever. But should they?

Toronto Star – Every evening, as soon as he’s finished his work from home as a software engineer, Ravi Jagannadhan immediately logs onto another Slack channel.

Here, in the virtual campaign office for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, tens of thousands of volunteers give each other updates on their progress. While the majority are American citizens, some are foreign nationals.

This past Monday, Jagannadhan, who grew up in Toronto, posted: “Finished calls for now. 18 calls, 6 Biden (3 have already voted), 2 Trump, rest were hangups.”

A fellow volunteer instantly replied, “Excellent work, Ravi! You are making a difference! Hope to see you back here again soon!”

When the 28-year-old Canadian moved to California to work in the film industry in 2005, he had no intention to stay for long, let alone volunteer in an election campaign.


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