Alberta and B.C. had flattened their curves. Here’s what their Phase 3 upticks could mean for the country

Toronto Star – When Dr. Bonnie Henry walked through Vancouver’s trendy Gastown neighbourhood to pick up the designer shoes named after her, and had her photo taken when she stopped to look at a street-art painting made in her honour, the celebration of her leadership in “flattening the curve” was at a high.

One month after the province entered the third phase of its coronavirus restart plan, the tone in British Columbia has changed.

Now the key message is about stopping an uptick in COVID-19 cases from turning into “explosive” growth.

Just as Ontario eases into the idea of Stage 3 reopening strategies, Canada’s shining examples of pandemic response in the West — British Columbia and Alberta — find themselves back on high alert.

And what they’re going through could say a lot about what’s to come.

The uptick in cases — centred around a tourist hub in Kelowna, Calgary and a handful of health-care facilities — have put public health officials on guard that the success the West and parts of Canada have enjoyed in beating COVID-19 is fragile.

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