Racism, addiction and a pandemic: Vancouver bus attack a violent flashpoint of city’s long-standing tensions

Vancouver (Toronto Star) – City councillor Pete Fry was walking his dog in Vancouver’s Chinatown when he saw a man yelling racial slurs and obscenities at a group of elderly Chinese-Canadian women who had been practising tai chi in the park.

“As the local big guy, I intervened and told him to stop, even though I was aware he might not have been in a stable state of mind,” Fry recalls of the incident, some five years ago now.

“I turned around, and saw there was this posse behind me. The women were in their tai chi poses and holding up their canes to back me up.”

Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck Canada, Fry’s community in East Vancouver has seen a spate of suspected hate crimes.

Continue reading here: https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2020/05/15/racism-addiction-and-a-pandemic-vancouver-bus-attack-a-violent-flashpoint-of-citys-long-standing-tensions.html

By Joanna Chiu and Wanyee Li 


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