Roundup: 2017 China human rights stories

Stories from Agence France-Presse China correspondents 

Liu Xiaobo: 

China releases Nobel laureate Liu with terminal cancer

Nobel winner Liu wants cancer treatment abroad, friends say

China invites foreign cancer experts to treat Liu Xiaobo

Images of hospital in Shenyang where Liu Xiaobo was treated, interview with nurse 

“Beijing faces backlash after dissident Liu Xiaobo dies in custody”

“Chinese police guard late dissident Liu Xiaobo’s home, empty or not”

“Chinese dissident’s widow sends desperate letter” 

Stories, photos and video by Joanna Chiu, Becky Davis, Yanan Wang, Nicolas Asfouri, Matthew Knight, Greg Baker

Migrant workers: 

“The last days of a ‘village’ in China’s Silicon Valley” – Joanna Chiu, Nicolas Asfouri  –

“Bustling Beijing migrant area turns into ghost town” Guardian photo layout: The human cost of the Beijing evictions – in pictures) – Nicolas Asfouri, Joanna Chiu, Laurent Thomet

“Migrant worker evictions tear at Beijing’s backbone” – Joanna Chiu, Ryan McMorrow, Nicolas Asfouri

Police detain Chinese artist who documented migrant evictions – Joanna Chiu

“We the Workers: New film depicts crackdown on labour rights activists” – Joanna Chiu

Rights lawyers: 

“Jailed Chinese lawyer force-fed medication, wife says” – Joanna Chiu

“China lawyer’s wife seeks US asylum after brazen escape” – Joanna Chiu

Freedom of expression: 

“Chinese activist jailed for 8 years after major crackdown” – Joanna Chiu and Ben Dooley

“Chinese writers navigate censorship to earn cash via apps” – Joanna Chiu

“Dark days for China’s democracy dream” – Joanna Chiu

“China orders tech firms to ramp up censorship” – Joanna Chiu

Women’s rights:

“In Communist China, it’s a man’s world at the top” – Joanna Chiu

“Feminist activist to begin studies in Hong Kong after China lifts 10-year travel ban” – Joanna Chiu

LGBT rights: 

“Gay Chinese flock to Thailand for fun, acceptance” – Joanna Chiu

“Secrets and wives: Gay Chinese hide behind sham marriage” – Joanna Chiu

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