Chinese philanthropist arrested for rape in school charity scam

Beijing (dpa) – A man in south China’s Guangxi province has been arrested on suspicion of raping underage girls after earning their trust through setting up a charity that raised money for their schooling, according to state media.

“The suspect Wang Jie, male, 35 years old, established a website to support students to go to school in 2006, and in the so-called supporting process, the sexual assault of girls occurred,” state-owned media outlets cited police as saying at a press conference.

Police in Longlin county of Guangxi had earlier announced the suspect’s arrest in a September 25 post on its official Weibo microblog page.

The reports said that after informing recipients of their donations, Wang would ask them to meet him alone at places including hotels and then threatened to take away their funding if they resisted his advances.

The victims were mostly in their early teens and attending middle school and junior high school, reports from Beijing News, and China Youth Daily said.

It is unclear how many girls Wang is alleged to have preyed on since 2006.

A government welfare official, Sun Xuemei, told China Public Radio that the rural mountain area of Baise is particularly conservative and the victims might have been too ashamed to speak out.

The case was first discovered and reported to the media by a local welfare worker named Qiuchu.

Police said another suspect, Wang Chunren, was also arrested in connection with the case but it is unclear how the other suspect was involved. Investigations are continuing, police said.

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