Bo Xilai trial coverage

Follow SCMP’s live coverage here.

My contributions to SCMP’s coverage:

“Diehard supporters make their presence felt outside Jinan court”

By Keith Zhai and Joanna Chiu

A heavy police presence was not enough to stop some diehard followers of Bo Xilai from getting close to the Jinan Intermediate Court to voice their support in front of the world’s media yesterday.

Despite his fall from grace amid accusations of corruption and abuse of power, Bo remains a hero to leftists for his attempts to revive revolutionary culture, crack down on organised crime and promote egalitarian policies.

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“Little progress in rule of law since Gang of Four trial”

By Cary Huang with additional reporting by Joanna Chiu

It’s the nation’s biggest political trial in years. But analysts say the Bo Xilai case shows that little progress has been made over rule of law and judicial independence since another blockbuster political case – that of the Gang of Four in 1980 and 1981.

They say procedural arrangements show not much has changed in terms of transparency or public access since the Gang of Four were convicted of anti-party activities after being ousted in 1976.

Continue reading here. 

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